Last updated 22 March, 2014 by Papa Bear.

I have sold out of bees. Please visit Bee Packages to get put on a waiting list.

Our main goal has changed. It is now to help people as well as myself to become better stewards of the bees we keep. I still want to provide the closest to right-out-of-the-hive honey (my original main goal). I want everyone who gets my honey to have a fresh, pure, and uniquely different taste from store bought honey. I take great pride in the honey I provide to my customers and I want to always let my customers know when and where their honey is coming from. (For information on our honey see our honey page.)

Other goals we have are to inform our customers about honey, its properties, and the wonderful honey bee. I hope you find the information valuable. I will continue to make improvements and suggestions are welcome so please continue to check out our site.

Other great sources for bee information are New Mexico Beekeepers Association (NMBKA) and Albuquerque Beeks.

I will be stopping at the following locations as I deliver the bees; Flagstaff AZ, Gallup NM, Bosque Farms NM, and Edgewood NM.